The 1st shared Blockchain Computing platform

The XTblock platform is a one-stop resource for DApp developers. It allows you to unleash your creativity with decentralised solutions – affordably and without limitations.    


for Enterprise

XTblock breaks through all the traditional barriers to blockchain adoption – and at up to 90% lower costs. It powerfully addresses the challenges of congestion, and is more secure and faster than currently available solutions. 

Our ultimate advantage:

Speed. Scalability. Security. Decentralisation.

Our blockchain platform provides the optimal balance of speed, scalability, security and decentralised governance. For the first time ever, both individuals and enterprises will now have access to tremendous increases in speed and scalability without needing to compromise on any other aspects – and at truly affordable pricing.


Our Service Spectrum

From licensing XTblock technology and consulting for enterprises, to developer support, our services span a broad spectrum.